Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Slow and Cuddly Sloth!

Today I visited the Vancouver Aquarium. I have an annual membership and I love visiting to film the cute animals. Today I saw the new African Penguins for the first time, although it was too hard to film them because of the glass barrier. Instead, I visited the "Amazon" exhibit, which isn't aquarium based, but filled with super cool tropical animals. It reminds me of when I worked at a tropical plant and animal exhibit at Bowring Park, in St. John's. I took lots of photos and some short films of the very fuzzy Sloth!

Just hanging out, being cute. (Photo credit: Nico Collins a.k.a Me!)
Sloths are mammals that spend most of their time sleeping in trees in the jungles of Central and South America. They are very fuzzy and cuddly looking, as well as slow moving, hence their name!

When I first arrived, this lazy guy was having a snack of leaves. Sloths also eat the buds and shoots of certain trees, but that's pretty much it for diet variety. Some sloths might eat insects or birds, but not very often.

After eating, the Sloth went climbing!

He climbed along the wall to find a tree to sleep in.

When he found the right tree, he slowly climbed down.

Sloth getting ready for a nap. (Photo by Nico Collins)

Sloths have long claws to grab tree branches in order to hang while napping, just like this guy.

Lots of little bugs and friendly critters live in the Sloth's thick fur! Even bacteria make their home in this fuzz and change the color of the Sloth, which helps it camouflage!

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