Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My kitty: Wigglytuff!

My youngest kitty cat, Wigglytuff, is named after a Pokemon, who is the evolved form of Jigglypuff.



My cat Wigglytuff is about 1 and a half years old. She likes cuddling in fuzzy blankets, licking yogurt from bowls, and sticking her paws in cups of water.

Wigglytuff (on the left) as a little baby.

Here she is only a few months old, cuddling with her brother. All of the kittens liked to cuddle in a big pile of cuteness.

Wigglytuff (on the left again).

Some nights I would come home from an annoying shift, working in the mall, and find a pile of fluffy kitties on my couch!

Wigglytuff and Muffin, cuddling on a box as I get ready
to move to a new apartment. November 2009

Wiggly is bigger now, but only by a little. She was the runt of her litter and is still pretty small (especially in comparison to my older cat, Muffin).

L to R: Charlie, Wombee, Wiggly, Theodore, Elly

Most recently, Wiggly has taken a liking to cuddling with my stuffed animals, that I still keep on my bed.

This is only an introduction to Wigglytuff. There will be lots more adorableness to come.


  1. Is that Ellie I see?


  2. yeah! I still keep her (amongst other animals) on my bed to cuddle with. :)



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