Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Silkies: Fuzzy Chickens!

A few weeks ago I visited the Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver, which is also a petting zoo! There were a lot of super cute animals there, but one in particular caught my attention because I have never seen it before. This animal is a Silkie Chicken, and in my words, a fuzzy Chicken!

Silkie Chickens are really fuzzy and soft, but despite their fluffiness, these birds cannot fly. These fuzzy Chickens have five toes, just like us humans, which is strange for a Chicken as most have only four toes. This little guy is so fluffy that you can barely see its face!
Silkie Chickens are said to be very friendly and also very good mothers. They will even take care of other birds' babies! 

No one is quite sure where the Silkie Chicken originally lived, but it was probably China. When people first encountered these fuzzy Chickens they thought they might have been the babies of Chickens and Rabbits! 


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