Saturday, March 12, 2011


Baby Hedgehog!

Hedgehogs are really popular as pets, cause their so adorable! They are also popular because they are fairly easy to take care of and can be very playful.

Hedgehogs have stiff spines, which are actually hollow hairs. These little spines are not poisonous. The hedgehog can lose spines though, through "quilling", when they shed their baby spines for adult ones.

Hedgehogs are good runners, swimmers, and even good climbers. 

They also make really cute noises, such as snuffles or squeals.

Hedgehog in a cute ball.

To defend themselves, hedgehogs roll into a tiny little ball so that all their spines are sticking out. 

These cute spiky balls like eating insects, frogs, snakes, bird eggs, berries, mushrooms, and melons.

In places where hedgehogs are found naturally, many people like to encourage hedgehogs in their garden. People will often leave snacks for these cute animals and even make holes in their fences as doorways. 

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