Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Leatherback Sea Turtle!

I hope you have not been waiting impatiently for my latest post. I've had a busy week in school! But if you have been waiting, then all that time will definitely be worth it to see this really cute Leatherback sea turtle!

Baby turtle crawling toward the ocean.

Sea turtle eggs are laid on a sandy beach. The mommy comes onto land and digs a deep hole in the sand with her back flippers. Then she lays a bunch of little eggs in the hole and covers it back up with sand.

When the sea turtles hatch they have to dig themselves out of the nest and crawl toward the sea. They usually crawl out of the sand at night, when the brightest light is over the ocean (the sunlight reflected off the moon). The babies just move toward the light and find the ocean!

Leatherback turtles can dive pretty deep underwater, up to 1000 meters!, but have to come to the surface to breathe air.

They are also considered the fastest moving reptile!

Carl Safina with a Leatherback Turtle.

Full grown Leatherback turtles are huge!

These turtles love to eat jellyfish so much that they don't eat anything else.

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