Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cute "Herptiles" a.k.a Reptiles and Amphibians!

I took a brief pause from Snailia cause I was so busy: looking for a new house, applying for summer jobs, and studying for final exams. But now I'm back with a whole lot of cuteness!

A bunch of you voted on the poll over the past few weeks and the Aye aye won! But i'm going to save that cute primate for my next post because I wanted to share some info about cool reptiles and amphibians (called "herptiles").

Baby Jesus Lizard

This is a "Jesus Lizard", named so because these reptiles can run across water. They have a little bit of skin between their toes to help them stay above water as they run. Jesus lizards can run on the water for about 4 and a half meters. After that they begin swimming!

Running across water!

These lizards are normally found in tropical conditions, but have begun to expand their populations because of their ability to burrow in sand or leaves to stay warm.

Red-eyed Tree Frog holding on!

This Red-eyed Tree Frog is an amphibian, which means that the babies live in water and the adults live on land and breathe air.They can be about 5cm to almost 8cm in length. Baby frogs are usually a brown color but they turn green as they get older. Red-Eyed Tree Frogs have 3 eyelids! These frogs live in trees and are great jumpers.

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